Bitcoin Books


These are some great books and DVD’s to get you started on your blockchain and crypto journey. Learn the basics or dig deeper into the potential of this game changing technology and sector, by reading and viewing these great books and DVD’s.

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The Internet Of Money

Author: Andreas M. Antonopoulos
125 pages

A more technical book suited to financial, tech persons, but a very compelling read
Authored by one of greatest blockchain and crypto minds in the world.


Digital Gold

Author: Nathaniel Popper
416 pages

A Simple read and easy to understand

Mastering Bitcoin For Dummies

Author: Alan T. Norman
208 pages

An easy read with simple content to get you started on your bitcoin journey

Blockchain Revolution

Author: Don Trapscott
368 pages

A more historical look at the development and future applications for blockchain. A great book for a technical enthusiasts


Banking on Bitcoin

Year: 2016 – 9/10 Available on Netflix and via Amazon and other online streaming services

This is a great documentary that goes into the history of Bitcoin, the key players and the events up to 2016

Bitcoin: The end of Money as we know it

Year: 2015   7/10

Available from Amazon or via some streaming services. It

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Year: 2014 7.5/10

Available via Amazon and its on Youtube. Great early documentary that focuses on the life of a bitcoin miner and his journey with bitcoin. Great interview with the founders of Mt Gox.

Life on Bitcoin

Year: 2014 – 8.4/10

This is a great story of a couple on the first 90 days of their marriage, who, only used bitcoin, for Food, fuel, rent, instead of real money.

Available via Amazon, book stores and some streaming services